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I began my acting career as a child in Seattle, Washington. After gaining a lifetime of valuable experiences in what feels like a short time, I made the decision to begin working on professional film sets about 20 years ago. I've enjoyed the variety of working in commercials, industrials, and theatre, but most of all my love lies in film and T.V.  One of my most thrilling highlights in my career so far, was performing my own stunts on SYFY's locally filmed in Washington TV series, Z Nation.  I've come to love the process involved with this work, and enjoy helping others with their training and work just as much as my own.


Available for Projects

Current Projects/ What’s up?!

Available for Projects

I am currently available for projects that are filming/ recording remotely, due to the current Pandemic.  I look forward to continuing to collaborate in unique creative ways,  as we artists navigate our way through these challenging times!  Please contact my agent at TCM Talent for projects being made in the PNW, and feel free to connect with me either through the "Contact Me" link at the top of my page, or by emailing me at dianekenleyactor@gmail.com for projects based out of Los Angeles, New York, or any other areas. 

Thank you and stay safe!

Digging into new scripts, as I prep to create an upcoming promo video!

Current Projects/ What’s up?!

Current Projects/ What’s up?!

Current Projects/ What’s up?!

As you know, our current situation everywhere has caused for some very interesting times when it comes to being an artist, or whatever your life work may be!  Although there was a definite adjustment period to this time being in quarantine, my work as an artist has not stopped! Yes the live production sets I was on have come to a pause for who really knows how long, but I have to say I have settled in to staying just as busy as ever!   I will say I have chosen to take some of the time to take care of my self and well being, along with enjoying getting to see my family more!  I am also so grateful for the various acting communities I am a part of in the NW, Los Angeles, and on the East Coast!  From those amazingly fun open calls, script reads, to webinars, to scene and monologue challenges, to all you wonderful coaches continuing the work online, and yes I am still filming auditions as well!! Zoom has definitely been THE room for just about everything lately!  I look forward to being together again one day either on set, or in the room live, when it is safe to do so!

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Check out this trailer for upcoming film Jagged Nails!

A taste of NYC Summer of 2019

Check out a bit of my journey in NYC, working with some of the finest of coaches and all types of  performers  from around the world, at the Tom Todoroff Acting Studio & Conservatory!

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Do you have more questions? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.